Automated system for inventory data collection and stocktaking in all outdoor block warehouses from a bird's eye view!

Instead of having to estimate from the floor with a clipboard and a ballpoint pen which and, above all, how many objects are in a storage area, our system provides this information highly precisely, automatically and reliably within record time.

Our solution at a glance:

Collect data automatically from the air

Considerable time savings compared to manual stocktaking

Increase of data quality to up to 99 %

Reduction of direct and indirect inventory-related costs

Maximum transparency in inventory management

Trouble-free connection to any ERP and WMS

This is how works:

Our system delivers highly accurate inventory information, captured safely and automatically from the air.

One solution - many advantages:

We break new ground with inventiveness and pioneering spirit

doks innovation - data acquisition with the drone from a bird's eye view!

Manual stocktaking is time-consuming, expensive and often faulty. Especially when they are carried out in areas, such as large outdoor block warehouses, that are extremely difficult for people to access and keep track of. With our solution we create a change of perspective in this environment, which is worthwhile from many points of view.

Instead of having to estimate from the floor with a clipboard and ballpoint pen which and, above all, how many objects are in a storage area, our system provides this information in a highly precise, automated and secure manner within short time. Via the digital user interface, which can be conveniently accessed from mobile devices, an inventory can be planned and started. The drone then takes off from the launch site and heads for the flight altitude of approx. 30 meters required for data acquisition. Once there, the integrated camera captures numerous high-resolution images of the entire storage area. These are then used to generate a digital, three-dimensional image of the block storage area.

Machine learning and image-processing algorithms can then be used to identify all stacks and determine their height. By incorporating customer master data, such as the height of each stored object, this makes it possible to determine exactly which objects are in which location and in what quantities they are available. Best of all: the data acquisition and processing, from takeoff and landing to the of the final inventory data being on hand, takes place automatically. Also, the entire system can be integrated into existing processes and structures, both physically and on the IT side.

As a user, you can sit back and marvel at the prepared and visualized results of the last data acquisition in the user interface. On the one hand, a classic inventory list can be called up, which shows the available number of items per object class. On the other hand, a look at the warehouse map displayed in the user interface allows a detailed view of the inventory data, which provides answers to numerous questions: Where are stacks of sought-after objects located? How high is stacked in which block? Where are free storage bins for new stock placements?


Our solutions make warehouse management unsurpassedly simple!


The innovative drone-based solution for automated inventory in high-bay warehouses!


Automated inventories in block storage at the push of a button with our intelligent camera system!


Automatic scanning and documentation in passing during loading and unloading.