Author: doks
Date: 9. Februar 2022
The 5 most important logistics trends for 2022

What challenges does the logistics industry face? If you recognize trends early on, you can adapt your own company to the needs of the market and gain a competitive advantage. That’s why we present the 4 most important logistics trends for 2022 below.

Logistics Trend 1: Sustainability

Sustainability has long since ceased to be a “nice-to-have”. You want to meet the expectations of your customers and employees? Increase your brand value and build a positive image? Then you should definitely focus on a sustainable supply chain. Whether it’s packaging, waste management in the warehouse, ecological means of transport or shorter transport routes: this year, companies are again increasingly investing in technologies and solutions that reduce their carbon footprint. Those who don’t will be punished by the market.

Logistics Trend 2: Transparency

Your supply chain should not only be sustainable. In the future, a transparent supply chain will be at least as important. This means: it should be easy to trace the origin of each individual component (this also makes it easier for you to identify and eliminate risks in the supply chain). How transparency is possible? Digitization is the magic word. And that also brings us to the next trend…

Logistics Trend 3: Warehouse Digitization

Imagine that with one solution you could: 1) optimize processes, 2) increase your efficiency, 3) save costs, 4) reduce the risk of accidents for employees, and 5) create a sustainable competitive advantage for years to come. That’s exactly what a digitized warehouse can do – so it’s no surprise that by 2022, more and more companies will be digitizing their warehouses. The possibilities are many: At doks.innovation, for example, we offer you drone and sensor-based systems for autonomous stocktaking and inventory in various types of indoor or outdoor warehouses.

  • Automated stocktaking: You can have inventories performed at any time of the day or night and receive the results automatically in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Automated stocktaking: Capture your warehouse or bulk inventory automatedly and let artificial intelligence calculate quantities and volumes (indoor or outdoor warehouse of up to 40000sqm).

Logistics Trend 4: Robotics / Artificial Intelligence

Whether robotics, artificial intelligence or autonomous driving: State-of-the-art technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and its importance in logistics is steadily increasing. Warehouse robots, for example, can already be used alongside human workers to help load and unload trucks. In the future, self-driving delivery vehicles will bring many benefits: Those who rely on autonomous driving will soon no longer have to worry about driver bottlenecks, rest periods or bad weather conditions. By the way: Despite robotics, humans will remain indispensable for logistics in the coming years. However, the demands on employees will grow – especially experts in Big Data, process automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence will be in demand.

Logistics Trend 5: New transport routes

This trend is also all about efficiency: With solutions such as transportairy® from doks.innovation, you can easily transport samples, urgent parts or other goods through the air with drones, bridge the limits of your existing infrastructure and relieve plant traffic. The solution is comprehensive and immediately enables a perfect workflow: powerful drones, flight planning, automated pick-up and delivery, automatic approach to relevant sources and direct connection to your ERP or WMS.