About us


We make warehouse management unsurpassedly simple!

We break new ground with inventiveness and pioneering spirit.


Our mission

Founded in 2017 in Dortmund in the environment of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, doks.innovation accelerates the digitalization of stocktaking and inventory processes as well as master data management with its solutions for intralogistics.

Since January 2018, we have been developing solutions for logistics and industrial companies at our headquarters in Kassel in northern Hesse that contribute to the automation and digitalization of warehouse and inventory recording processes, creating a digital twin. The solutions are based on years of research and development and combine machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence and automation approaches.

The combination of intelligent sensors, automated data processing and analysis processes your data into relevant information and thus offers you advantages in planning and designing your processes.

We are a team of experts with the mission to change logistics processes


What you can expect!

Turn data into knowledge and knowledge into advantage: Get the inventory and master data of your warehouse and your items directly on your dashboard in real time and avoid idle time and incorrect bookings.

Let drones and a wide variety of sensors automatically find unit loads you thought were lost or identify zero spaces. Improve your warehouse operations with continuous information and automated master data collection, and make the most of your valuable capacity.

Let the system take care of inventory recording completely independently, documenting and archiving all relevant information. You always have an overview of the current situation in your warehouse – on the device of your choice, which can be updated at the push of a button.

Best of all, you don’t need more staff for this, you need less. Manual activities such as counting processes are reduced to a minimum: depending on the solution, you save up to 80% time and 90% costs.


You profit from this!

We offer you our unique doks.solution with 4 modules that revolutionize your warehouse management!

doks.inventairy: The innovative drone-based solution for automated inventory in high-bay warehouses! Automated system for inventory data collection and stocktaking in all outdoor block warehouses from a bird’s eye view!

doks.ceiling: Fully automated inventory in block storage at the push of a button with our intelligent camera system!

doks.gate: Automatic scanning and documentation in passing during loading and unloading.

All systems can be optimally combined with each other and easily integrated into all common ERP systems as well as WMS. doks.innovation takes your logistics to the next level and prepares your company for the requirements of a digitalized future.


Our competences & USPs

Sensor technology

Machine Learning

Data analysis

Sensor integration

Autonomous Navigation

Logistics understanding