We are a team of experts with the mission to change logistics processes!

The doks.innovation GmbH team consists of experienced hardware and software developers, data analytics experts and engineers on the one hand and logistics and project management professionals on the other.
Jürgen Geipel


Quang Hien Mike Becker

CTO and Co-Founder

Martin Lang

COO and Co-Founder

Akash Hariram Suryanarayanan

Head of Product Development

Carl Severin

Product Owner

Heiko Lizan

Product Expert & Production

Sabeeh Ul Hassan Saad

Software Developer

Robin Steltmann

Scrum Master

Janik Klingert

Intern Software

Till Amma

Software Developer

Saied Akbar Ahmady

Software Developer

Marlon Kapusta

Project Manager Customer Success

Leonel Mezatio

Software Developer

Ali Lamari

Software Developer

Kishan Gupta

Software Developer

Ina Astheimer

Assistant of the Managing Board