Automatic scanning and documenting in passing during loading and unloading.

With our doks.gate solution, scanning and documentation processes in inbound and outbound areas can be fully automated.


Our solution at a glance:

Retrieve master data and scan labels

Preservation of evidence through photographs

Time & cost savings of up to 90% time and cost

Preparation for storage and shipping

Link between inbound & outbound

Data-side linking with WMS and ERP


This is how doks.gate works:

Customized hardware and software components - suitable for use in all intralogistics areas.


One solution - many advantages:

We break new ground with inventiveness and pioneering spirit

doks.gate solution datenerfassung blocklager innen automatisch

doks.gate - scanning and documenting in passing

Manual scanning processes cost time and slow down warehouse employees in their actual activities. If, in addition, qualitative factors, such as the condition of a pallet ready for shipping, also have to be documented manually, this often means a considerable delay in transport and storage processes.

With our doks.gate solution, scanning and documentation processes in inbound and outbound areas can be fully automated. Users gain maximum transparency in all material movements, know the exact throughput quantities and times, and have access to precise and complete photo documentation for every transport. doks.gate can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures and requires no manual intervention. By substituting manual scans, intralogistics processes can be accelerated noticeably and warehouse employees can perform their tasks much more efficiently.

The recipe for success of the gates lies in the intelligent interaction of hardware and software components individually adapted to each location. Basically, each doks.gate is an archway or a column equipped with several cameras and LED lights. Light barriers are integrated into the gates, which detect every material movement and then trigger a data recording. It does not matter whether forklifts, lift trucks, conveyor belts or automated warehouse vehicles are used in the warehouse.

The installed cameras take images from various angles and positions according to the signal from the light barriers. From the generated image data, the doks.gate software then generates the information that is of interest in the respective application. For example, numerous pieces of information can be read out automatically from the labels attached to the objects. Probably the most important information here is the item number or pallet ID, which can be used to uniquely assign a recorded data record including all the information recorded. The image data created by the gate can also be used as part of a photo documentation.

In the event of damage or general uncertainty about a transported object, this image data can be used to clearly trace the condition in which the goods passed through the gate and whether the corresponding damage was already present at that time. By integrating additional sensors, the doks.gate system can also determine and document the temperature, volume or dimensions of the detected objects. All data records recorded by the gate can be accessed via a digital user interface and can be easily exported to existing IT and warehouse management systems.

Since every warehouse, every process and every company has its own special characteristics and the definition of the relevant information can vary greatly from one application to the next, our doks.gates are by no means an off-the-shelf product. We plan and manufacture each gate individually in constant exchange with the future users. Users can expect an intuitively usable and innovative system that is tailored to the requirements and conditions on site.


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