Author: doks
Date: 7. April 2022
This is why a digitized warehouse is worthwhile for almost every company

It’s no secret: Unclear and inaccurate logistics is a major cost factor in many companies. In our article, you will learn how to solve the biggest logistics challenges with a digitized warehouse and gain a competitive advantage.

Reason 1: Optimal inventory management

Do you always have exactly what you need in stock? If you manage your warehouse in analog, you know the big inventory risk: the more stock you have, the higher the storage costs. With analog warehouse management, high inventory levels are common because you don’t want to risk shortages and can only react slowly to fluctuations in demand. How does a digitized warehouse help minimize this risk? It’s simple: With solutions like doks.inventairy, you can have stocktaking taken care of in parallel with your day-to-day business or fully automated at night. With minimal effort, you receive valuable inventory data directly into your ERP or WMS and can keep an eye on stocks and delivery quantities in real time.

Reason 2: Fewer non-sellers

At some point, the turnover rate of material groups becomes difficult to track with analog warehouse management. The consequence? Goods become unusable and have to be depreciated at high cost. Or obsolete goods block storage space, are accounted for at full price, and have to be financed at high cost. You can also solve this problem with a digitized warehouse, because you have key figures and stocks in view at all times. In a digitized warehouse, you will therefore quickly notice when goods become slow-moving items.

Reason 3: More efficiency

Whether storage, picking, labeling, or stocktaking: There is a lot of work in the analog warehouse where you could actually save on personnel costs. Digital solutions like doks.inventairy set the tone: Compared to manual processes, doks.inventairy gets the job done in a fraction of the time. This not only reduces the need for personnel – but also the storage and follow-up costs that arise from booking or storage errors. By the way: Digitization & automation also reduces the risk of accidents for employees. Protect your staff by minimizing contacts with outside employees for stocktaking support.

Reason 4: More flexibility

With analog warehouse management, how quickly can you respond to new market conditions? Or when customer buying behavior changes or demand for seasonal goods increases? In a digitized warehouse, you lose no time and can make informed decisions in less time thanks to real-time reporting. After all, you have all data and information at your fingertips at all times!

Reason 5: Effortless delivery reliability

Customers expect fast and punctual deliveries. If you fail to meet such expectations, you lose customers, sales, and reputation. The good news is that the more digital and better your inventory management, the easier it is to meet customer expectations and your delivery commitments. And the best part? Using inventory management software is probably easier than you think! By the way: For a particularly simple implementation, we have developed doks.inventairy according to the plug&play principle. You can get started right away without a lengthy implementation process because existing processes and infrastructures remain almost untouched.

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Logistics costs a lot of money on many levels. With a digitized warehouse, you can optimize your inventory management, tap into enormous savings potentials and increase your warehouse performance at the same time. You too can decide in favor of innovation and digitization in your warehouse. Contact us for a one-day free trial of our system at your site and take your logistics to the next level: Book demo!